Contract Brewing

What is Contract Brewing?

The craft beer industry is full of passion and creativity. We all have our favourite brews and some dream of making their very own. Be it for a restaurant that you run or a brand that you are starting from scratch. Having your own unique brew can set you apart from the rest. We give you that opportunity by lending you our beer production line.

How we can help?

Bring your own beer recipe, or allow our experienced brewers to profile the perfect beer for you and your brand. Make up a trial brew in our smaller 50l system, this will ensure we make the brew exactly how you want it before it is scaled to our beautiful full sized brew house for 500 to 1000 litre batches.
Your unique brew will be kegged, bottled and stored for you and delivered as needed.
Come see us for a brewery tour, taste tests and to see what we can do for you.